Tips for Curating and Managing the Perfect Insta Feed


Insta Feed

Managing and curating an Instagram page is difficult but crucial for making your brand stand out amongst crowded feeds.

Here are some tips to get you thinking like an influencer!

Don’t leave it to the last minute. 

Select content in advance and write out your captions. Staying consistent with posting keeps engagement high and your page in people’s minds. Know when to post and don’t miss your post times. Apps like Latergram are helpful for automating this process- it also makes posting less stressful; because you have everything set up in advance, you don’t need to be on your phone during dinner! 

Be Social.

Be active online. Don’t just post on your own page- reach out to pages who are aligned with your brand in one way or another. Like your followers photos, share them in your story, comment, follow etc. This helps to create familiarity with your brand gibe a personable touch 

Brand Brand Brand.

Having a cohesive look is key- even if you have a high quality photo you’re itching to use - do not post anything off brand. Aside from the visual aesthetic of your feed it’s important to have a consistent message or theme. This can be something like inspiring adventure with each post (verbatim) or keeping your photos looking minimalist and beige. To figure out your brand identity ask yourself questions like: what sort of lifestyle do your products fit into? Who is using them and how do you inspire your customers? Your feed should also fit with the rest of your brand’s presence, from product packaging, graphic design and the look of your website.

Look good.

Clean, crisp images have been proven to get the most likes- think about neutral tones with only one stand out colour and lots of negative space. You want to use uncluttered settings for your photography- take out anything that isn’t adding to the aesthetic of the image. 

Pay attention to lighting, in particular, having plenty of natural light makes for good-looking photos. 

Stay consistent with photo editing to make sure that your photos look right next to each other. Photo editing apps such as VSCO are great for applying a quick touch to your pics.

And of course, make sure your photos are high quality and HD. Filters won’t save you if you’re working with blurry Jpegs or overexposed iPhone pics.

Be Original.

It’s important to have original content. This doesn’t mean that every single photo needs to be OC. You can’t be in the Grand Canyon or Fiji taking aspirational travel shots every week. But you should aim to keep at least 50% of your posts original content, sandwiched in between inspo that aligns with your brand.

Captivating Captions

Keep your captions short and sweet. Remember that people are flicking through their feed and you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Develop a voice for your brand and stick to it. Consider your audience, their age and culture. 

Perfect Product Shots.

Product shots don’t have to be boring! One key is to show your products in context. For clothing brands, this means showing people having a great time in your threads. For cosmetics and perfumes, show the product surrounded by real ingredients or botanicals that are found within the formula or sitting on a beautifully designed countertop or side table. (Your bathroom will look just like this if you buy our diffuser, we promise)


Don’t be afraid to be cheeky or spontaneous occasionally. While it is important to have a cohesive identity and stick to a visual guideline about which photos to post- a little spontaneity and imperfection can be refreshing. People want authenticity.