The Power of Crafting a Strong Narrative

July 22, 2021

From beginnings in ancient civilisations to contemporary digital communication, the art of storytelling has truly stood the test of time. And today, it plays an essential role in the creation of engaging content. 

Why? Because everyone loves a good story. But, in an age where information is constantly at our fingertips, it has become more difficult than ever to stop the mindless scrolling and demand the attention of your audience.

This isn’t necessarily cause for concern however, for while the digital landscape may be competitive, it doesn’t have to be complicated. But it does need to be interesting. Whether it’s an email series, a landing page or an engaging blog, the art of crafting a seriously epic content piece lies in four basic elements. 

The Opening

As the storyteller, you have the ability to set the scene, create the characters, and build the suspense. That’s powerful stuff.

And the most powerful thing about it - if done right, you’ll have your audience eager to read on. 

The Problem

Crafting a relatable hurdle serves as the link that connects an audience to your message. It shows you understand them, and more importantly, showcases the value of your post. For where one recognises the problem presented to them, they’re infinitely more likely to read on. Eager to discover a solution. 

The Point

Having taken the time to build anticipation through a carefully crafted preamble, there’s no doubt you have the attention of your audience. However it’s more important than ever, to bring your message home. The link should be clear and concise, leaving no room for confusion.

You’re at the crux of things, and it’s time to add actionable tips in a digestible way. Readers rarely consume every single word of your post, no matter how good it might be. So, make sure to give them what they need quickly.

The Close 

Stories need a resolution. The concluding sentence helps to tie everything together, emphasising key details and creating that perfect ending that your readers are looking for.

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